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coloured ryeland

Coloured Ryeland sheep

The Ryeland is a short woolled sheep originating from Herefordshire. The Ryeland was one of three main breeds of sheep in the Middle Ages providing Europes finest wools from England.

The Leominster Benedictine priory kept large flocks on its Granges and Lemster Ore the Golden Fleece of England was the term used to describe the valuable short staple wool produced by its Ryeland sheep. In 1193, Leominster Priory gave the years wool to help pay for the release of crusading Richard the Lion Heart. Queen Elizabeth was given Lemster wool stockings and liked them so much that she insisted only on Lemster Ryeland wool.

By the early 20th Century Ryeland sheep had almost died out. In the 1970's the Rare Breed Survival Trust came to the rescue and now in 2013 the Ryelands are no longer on their watchlist. Ryeland sheep sometimes produce coloured lambs as the result of the expression of recessive colour genes. These Coloured Ryelands have no gene for whiteness and so, when bred together, always produce coloured lambs.

Fleece colours vary from palest silver through many shades of grey to black. Occasionally fawn or dark brown may occur and the body colour may be uniform, spotted or patched. In 2010 the Ryeland Flock Book Society gave the Coloured Ryeland equal status with the Ryeland.

The fleece is soft, densely grown and springy with a staple length of 5 - 8cm, micron range of 30 - 32 and weighing in at 2 - 2.75 kg.

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low sutton coloured ryeland

Our very own cherished flock of pedigree Coloured Ryelands producing 100% pure British wool.

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