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Teeswater sheep

Teeswater, a longwool sheep from Teesdale in the County of Durham, located in Northern England, have for almost 200 years been bred by farmers in that area of the North. Until the 1920's, the breed was comparatively rare, but now they are to be found in almost every part of the U.K.

Renowned as the sire of the Masham ewe when crossed with hill breeds. It is a large, hornless breed with grey/white face, dark brown markings around the eyes and nose, and a woolly forelock.

The fleece is a fine long-stapled lustre wool with each lock hanging free and with no tendancy to mattiness with a staple length of 15 - 30 cm, micron range of 32.5 - 34, and fleece weighing in at 3 - 6 kg.

The Teeswater produces a kemp free fleece, a characteristic it passes on and sought after by hand spinners.

This breed is on the UK rare breeds watchlist.

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ilton teeswater

Flock of Teeswater sheep kept in Ilton, North Yorkshire producing 100% pure British wool.

ilton teeswater
washed and carded batt 100g

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