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white faced woodland

White Faced Woodland sheep

The Whitefaced Woodland originated in the Pennines on the borders of Derbyshire and Yorkshire. It originated from the blackfaced Linton type of mountain sheep. The Cheviot and the Merino were also used in the breed development. An alternative name for the breed is the Penistone after the town that has held a sheep fair since 1699.

Indeed the Whitefaced Woodland used to be two distinct groups: the Woodland were leggy, rangy sheep and the Penistone were stockier. In time the two groups amalgamated and formed the one breed.

A hardy robust sheep adaptive to both its native hills and lower land with a large frame and lean carcase, white broad face with pink nose, white legs fre from wool. Rams have heavily spiralled horns.

The wool is white and finer than that of many other hill breeds, being suitable for the manufacture of knitting or hosiery wool. Staple length of 10 - 15 cm, micron range of 32 - 33 and fleece weighing in at 2 - 3 kg

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ryedale white faced woodland

Flock of pedigree White Faced Woodland kept in Ryedale, North Yorkshire producing 100% pure British wool.

ryedale white faced woodland
100g 2ply ball
(approx 330m)

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Ryedale White Faced Woodland
100g 3ply ball
(Approx 250m)

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