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North Yorkshire

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Zwartbles sheep

The Zwartbles were developed in the early 19th century in Friesland in the Netherlands, to graze behind a dairy herd traditionally used for both milk and meat. They declined significantly in use until listed as critically rare by the Dutch Rare Breed Survival trust in the mid-1970s. The first Zwartbles were imported to the United Kingdom in 1986.

A naturally tame and gentle milking sheep, tall and long bodied having a black/brown fleece, a white blaze on the face, 2 - 4 white socks, and a white tail tip.

The fleece is medium to fine with excellent crimp, staple length of 7 - 15 cm, Bradford count of 54-56, micron range of 31-34 and weighing in at 2 - 3 kg making it popular for spinning and felting.

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coverham zwartbles

Flock of pedigree Zwartbles kept in Coverham, North Yorkshire producing 100% pure British wool.

coverham zwartbles
50g 2ply ball
(approx 165m)

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coverham zwartbles
100g 3ply ball
(approx 250m)

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Meadow Brook Zwartbles

Flock of pedigree Zwartbles kept in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire producing 100% pure British wool.

meadow brook zwartbles
100g aran ball
(approx 200m)


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